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3 Places To Find Work For Holiday Cash

As the fall begins, many people are thinking about their upcoming expenses associated with the holidays. Since presents and large family meals can add up quickly, this is the ideal time to start looking for temporary employment.


Microjobs are any small task that earns money. Some people successfully fill in their financial gaps with microjobs or even earn a full-time income. If you have a car or other reliable form of transportation, you will find you are more successful as a personal shopper or delivery driver. Both types of microjobs give you the option to choose which tasks you complete, which allows you to make strategic use of your time and transportation costs. People who are among the top earners as food delivery drivers spend time becoming familiar with restaurants people frequently order from and areas of town that order the most. This way, they can stay in certain areas instead of wasting gas driving back and forth across town.

Employment Agencies

There may be more options for temporary work this time of year because employees may plan their vacations and some businesses see an increase in orders around this time. Registering with an employment agency or staffing offices will give you information on jobs you may not see advertised anywhere else. Additionally, employers are matched with employees based on their education and skills, so many of the hurdles during the application process are eliminated. Depending on where you live, there may be an increase in landscaping and groundskeeping jobs due to the change in weather. Contractors who frequently maintain the grounds after winter weather may want more temporary workers shortly before a major weather event is projected to hit the area.

Major Companies

There are some companies you see each year in the news because they are the go-to resources for holiday shopping or delivering packages. Once the fall begins, you should start checking with major companies about their temporary opportunities, because these positions close quickly. Major stores will often hire more people in-store, but they need more warehouse and fulfillment workers to handle the surge until the beginning of the following year. All major package delivery companies will have a similar increase in jobs. Sometimes you can find opportunities to work with a driver and help deliver packages, or if you have a CDL you may be hired as a temporary driver. Availability at night and on weekends can be a key factor in hiring people for these jobs since companies may extend their delivery days and times as the holidays approach.

Temporary employment is the fastest and most accessible way to earn extra money before the holidays arrive. Knowing where to look for employment will make job-hunting more efficient and effective.