Hiring the Right Consultants for Your Business

A Few Steps To Take To Increase The Chance Of Getting Your Liquor License Approved

Getting your liquor license approved can allow you to expand your business greatly. Selling liquor is profitable and can help your businesses thrive. However, getting a liquor license approved in most states is not an easy process. You have to file a lot of paperwork and get a variety of other permits to get a liquor license.

Step #1: Hire a Consultant

Getting a liquor license can change your business and allow you to increase your profits, which is why you want to get the application process right. Hiring a consultant to help you through the process is a great way to ensure your business puts forward the best possible application. Additionally, a consultant will know all the laws and rules you have to follow to be awarded a liquor license that one can only learn through experience.

Step #2: Know What Type of License You Want

Second, you need to make sure you know what type of liquor license you are applying for. In most states, there are various different types of liquor licenses you can apply for, such as a restaurant license, retail license, club license, delivery license, art license, and eating place licenses. You want to make sure you are applying for the right license for your business.

Step #3: Check Your Zoning

You need to get a zoning permit from your local zoning commission to sell alcohol in many states. On its own, this process can take a few months for you to go through the process of submitting the application, waiting for a zoning meeting, and for your application to be approved. This may require you to work with the zoning committee.

Step #4: Prepare for Inspection & Background Check

When you apply for a liquor license, your premise is going to undergo an inspection. This will happen after you file your written application. During the inspection, they are going to make sure that your business meets any physical requirements for a liquor license.

They are also going to run a background check on all the owners of the business. You are going to have to give fingerprints and submit detailed information. The liquor commission is going to investigate your financial information and background to make sure all owners meet their eligibility requirements.

When it comes to getting your liquor license, it helps to have a consultant who can guide you through the process. You are going to have to go through a lot of steps, from getting zoning approval to on-site inspections and background checks, and having a consultant service, like Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants, to help with the liquor license process can improve your business's chance of getting approved the first time through.