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Useful Services A Fire Protection Engineer Can Provide

If you're having a building constructed, then taking into account the development of fires is critical from a safety standpoint. If you want help with this assessment, hire a fire protection engineer. Their services include the following.

Fire Analysis Pre-Construction

Before your building is even constructed, a fire protection engineer can provide fire analysis. They'll look at the materials and systems you're looking to incorporate in the new building, seeing where potential fire risks are.

It could be with using a substandard material for insulation or maybe your building will be exposed to too much sunlight that causes a fire risk. These are hazards you want to identify early on in building construction, and this is absolutely possible when you hire a fire protection engineer before starting the build. Their oversight ultimately will reduce the occurrence of fires and keep you from being a liable party.

Fire Suppression Inspection

If your new building already has a fire suppression system inside, such as a wet fire sprinkler system or maybe one with a dry chemical design, then you want to have it thoroughly analyzed by a fire protection engineer. 

They can make sure your system is truly capable of suppressing a fire if it ever develops. They can also verify that your system meets the required regulations.

If it doesn't, they can show you where adjustments can be made so that you don't receive fines — but more importantly, are able to keep your building protected from fires. Then everyone working inside the building can feel better prepared for the possibility of fires. 

Post-Fire Investigation

If for some reason your new building is on the receiving end of a fire, you want to find out why so that you can improve construction in future projects and equip the right systems moving forward.

A fire protection engineer can provide post-fire investigation if your building is unfortunately affected by a fire, small or large. They'll pinpoint the source of the fire using their investigative techniques and their familiarity with fire characteristics.  

They'll provide a report at the end showing where the fire occurred and what measures can be taken to prevent future occurrences. 

When it comes to dealing with fire-related problems with a building that's being constructed, you always want to rely on a fire protection engineer. They've dedicated their lives to studying fire tendencies and systems that can keep fires under control. With their help, your building will be better rated in the fire protection department. 

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