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4 Questions To Research Before Attempting A Liquor License Application

Whether you are planning to open a bar, liquor store, or restaurant that sells alcohol, you may be required to obtain liquor licensing in your state. Obtaining a liquor license involves filling out an application and providing certain documents and details. However, there can be differences in the process depending on the state where the business will be located. Therefore, you may have to do a bit of research before filling out your liquor license application to make sure you are prepared. take a look at a few questions to research before you get started. 

What are the alcohol laws in your state? 

Each state has the liberty to implement its own alcohol laws, and these regulations can be quite different from state to state. These laws can affect you when you apply for a liquor license in a number of ways, such as: 

How much does it cost to obtain a liquor license?

The average cost to obtain a liquor license can be substantially different from state to state. As of 2018, the liquor licensing fees actually ranged from just $100 to over $13,000. These fees have to be paid either when you submit your liquor license application or when you are approved. Finding out in advance how much you will need in your state is important. 

Does your state have a quota when it comes to liquor licensing? 

Some states only allow a certain number of liquor licenses to be issued. Likewise, some localities (such as counties, towns, cities, or municipalities) have their own liquor license quotas. Once the predetermined quota is met, the state or area may not issue licenses until a license holder gives up their license. It is important to know whether there is a quota or not before gathering what you need for the application so you don't waste your efforts. 

What documents will you need for a liquor license application?

You can fully expect to have to submit certain documents when you submit your liquor license application. Documents that may be required include: 

Knowing what you need in advance will make the actual application process much easier to tackle. Therefore, consider gathering what you need in advance.